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Create your own Digital Media Network

Better Selling, Better Communication, Better Branding.


Fast & Flexible

Drive & change visual messages quickly via dayparting or triggers from external sources.

Create Stunning Visuals

Display Corporate & Retail branding, messaging or pricing on any size  or type of screen.

Display Live Data

Turn live data into visually appealing displays. Weather, Menu's & Dashboards.

Social Networking

Get Socially visible! Add Instagram, Twitter & Yammer feeds to your screens.


Operating Systems






Licenses Sold

A Cloud based Content Management System

Create & organize content, schedule the playlists & send!
It's that easy.


Our drag & drop 1,2,3 system makes organizing & running digital messaging a breeze! With a built in content creation toolset for creating all types of content.

Live Data Signs

The DSNx format is perfect for live data feeds. Use for Weather & Flight information & any other kind of live feed. Excellent for Dashboards.

Any Operating System

The DC Media display client runs on Microsoft Windows ver.7 & ver.10, Android, SMIL, System on Chip, Linux & Raspberry Pi.

Huge Video-Wall options

Built-in tools for building video-walls & synchronizing screens. You can even build asynchronous video walls using several sizes & types of screens.

Live Streaming

Address the company by streaming live to the corporate communication screens. Just plug in a camera & microphone to stream the message or training video.

Security Features

A favorite with the Corporate & Financial Sector. Built-in security with multiple user layers & the ability to run securely is a key feature.

watch_DC Media

Watch the CMS in Action

Create dynamic live content!

This video will show you how to construct a powerful live data screen using the DC Media DSNx format. Use this method for live weather information, live flight information or any kind of display where up-to-the-minute data needs to be effectively visualized.

Connect to XML or other ODBC feeds to generate live statistics & any other kind of content that needs to be visualized.


Get started fast with our powerful, Cloud Based System.

The CMS is a central hub to manage distribution and display of visual messaging. This sophisticated yet easy to use central hub provides the ability to run an IP based Media service. You can advertise and display your content to any size or shape of screen. Schedule content to play by date, time, time of day, day of the week, interval or player attribute.

The Cloud base CRM gives you the ability to control your players without leaving your desk. Screenshots are automatically provided by the players, enabling you to see what is being played across the network at any time.


Built in Content Authoring Tools

The DC Media Sign Creator enables you to easily create rich dynamic media, integrate live data and capitalize on every pixel of your visual real estate. Combine images, text, shapes and data to create great looking content within minutes.

DC Media supports a wide range of content formats including images, video, HD video, RSS scrollers, XML, Twitter feeds, live TV, HD live TV, Microsoft Office documents, PDF documents, IPTV, RTSP, UDP multicast streaming and HTML5. Text and image items can be linked to dynamic data sources by easily integrating live data using CSV, XML or JSON, or display a Microsoft Exchange calendar of events.

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Media Players

Any size Screen

  • Dynamic HTML5 Scaling
  • Robust Player
  • Windows, Android
  • Linux & Raspberry Pi
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Hosted Edition

Use our Servers

  • Any Browser
  • Secure
  • Unlimited Screens
  • Includes Content Creator
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Enterprise Edition

Use your own Server

  • On your VPN
  • Server Appliance or Virtual
  • Unlimited Screens
  • Includes Content Creator
More Info

DC Media Headcount

The Intersection of Marketing & Security

Headcount turns displays into powerful marketing channels with ground breaking real-time analytics

Affordable and accurate customer metrics that can:
  • Observe & report on shopper activity & provide key metrics
  • Modification of Digital Messaging based on observations
  • Detection & real-time alerts of persons or objects of interest
  • Multiple form factors - Header, Shelf Strip, Shelf Talker, Banner Camera

Advanced Facial Analytics and Object Detection

DC Media Headcount gives retailers and brands the power of instant information.


Deploy interactive touch screens to measure all elements of the path to purchase using advanced optics and sensors to provide objective, real-time, qualitative measurement and analysis in retail and other spaces using advanced optics and sensors to provide objective, real-time, qualitative measurement and analysis in retail and other spaces.