The e-ink display system uses electronic paper display and ultra-low-power wireless networking technology to provide an electronic shelf label system solution suitable for the retail industry and helps supermarkets realize paperless management, product information management, refined inventory management, product batch and period management, to help customers save on manpower costs, expired goods and other costs, increase sales, and generally improving the overall level of retail information technology.

The Smart Electronic Shelf Label System processes the data of the label information system and uses TCP/IP over wireless to transmit the data to the base station. The base station transmits the data to the label through the RF wireless signal; the label displays the product information and provides real-time updates.

Label size


Display Technology

E-ink Epaper Display

Screen Color

Black+White+Red or Black+White


4 Pages Cached

Frame LED

Available, R,G,B,C,M,Y,W

Screen Resolution

212*104pix, 111DPI

Communications Frequency

433 MHz