The 4.2inch ePaper shelf label helps today‚Äôs retailer to respond quickly and effectively to the frequent changes in the current market to optimise and enhance their store operations. The three critical factors in this process are pricing, promotion and cost. Arena’s Electronic Shelf Label (ESL) solution addresses these key areas as ESL allows the retailer to instantly and accurately execute price changes and promotions anytime to any store shelf from a centralised location. In addition, ESL eliminates the traditional paper labels that are high maintenance – freeing up labour and reducing paper waste.


  • Ensures accurate pricing
  • Enables on-demand, real-time pricing promotions
  • Presents product information more easily and versatile
  • Improves margin and increases sales
  • Reduces waste and labour costs and minimizes errors
  • Enhances customer loyalty and satisfaction
  • Centralized administration of all devices with full visibility
  • Create in-store marketing and personalized promotions
  • Intelligently manage shelf layout


The solution includes both hardware and software necessary to manage and communicate bi-directionally with the e-paper labels. This enables a centralized administration point controlling stock levels which allow employees to focus on stock building and customer attention.

Even the infrastructure is lightweight; demanding only the installation of Base Stations, which eliminates expensive back-office servers. It is simple to deploy and covers an area of 25 meters indoor radius; 100 meters open-field per base station. The lightweight administrative application only requires an off-the-shelf Windows-based PC or mobile device.

Digital Signage Arena’s e-paper label technology boasts a high contrast ratio and superior viewing angle. It is bi-stable; the image will remain on the display even after power is disconnected. This allows enterprises to operate the solution with four daily updates and 20-second polling for over 5 years of usage.