50" Capacitive Touch Foil


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Interactive touch foil film is a 93% transparent touch-sensitive film, affixed to a membrane and then applied to a pane of glass or transparent acrylic panel. Only a few microns thick, the film can transform any window into an interactive touch screen. Rear projected images or behind the glass mounted screens can provide a dynamic media experience.

  • Interface Type: USB
  • Type: Capacitive Touch
  • Driver Type: No driver needed
  • Windows: Win7/8/8.1/10
  • Android: Kernel 3.10 or above
  • Linux: Kernel 3.10 or above
  • Calibration mode: Software calibration
  • Film thickness: Less than 200um
  • Light transmission: Above 93%
  • Transmission: USB2.0
  • Transmission distance: Less than 50m (plus USB extender, etc)
  • Touch support: Click, Drag, Zoom, Rotate
  • Sensing distance: Less than 10mm (glass thickness 5mm)
  • Safety distance: 2mm (the distance between LCD screen and film)
  • Touch deviation: Less than 0.5mm
  • Packing List: Touch film x 1 , Control board x 1, USB cable x 1

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Used in conjunction with DC Media digital Signage software or LG SuperSign Software to achieve a functional and stunning interactive visual display for retail.

  • Choose the glass WITHOUT CONDUCTIVE MATERIAL, including the coating, which must not conduct electricity.
  • The thickness of glass 12mm is used in practical projects. However it is recommended not to exceed 6mm.
  • Glass can be treated with AR and GR, in the absence of conductive substances.
  • If there needs to be any paint on the glass, screen printing is recommended.
  • Oblique deviation of film can not be corrected by software.
  • Calibration software can only run on a Windows system.
  • Applications

    • Shop/Store window displays
    • Indoor and outdoor kiosk
    • Corporate offices
    • Training and meeting rooms
    • Exhibitions and conferences
    • Museums and visitor attractions
    • Interactive white board
    • Medical Instruments
    • Touch table
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