The 55inch capacitive touch foil is a transparent interactive overlay for turning an existing screen into an interactive window display.

    • The thickness of glass 12mm is used in practical projects. However, it is recommended not to exceed 6mm.
    • Glass can be treated with AR and GR, in the absence of conductive substances.
    • If there needs to be any paint on the glass, screen printing is recommended.
    • The oblique deviation of the film can not be corrected by software.
    • Calibration software can only run on a Windows system.


      • Shop/Store window displays
      • Indoor and outdoor kiosk
      • Corporate offices
      • Training and meeting rooms
      • Exhibitions and conferences
      • Museums and visitor attractions
      • Interactive whiteboard
      • Medical Instruments
      • Touch table


how touch foil film works
touch foil film on a screen